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"Every human being deserves the right to clean water, basic healthcare and a good education." 
Christopher Wilson, Founder of Water and Healthcare (Cambodia) 

As a fund, we at Ternary define our success not just economically but in terms of the impact we have on the community. This drives our desire to not just do well but to do good as well.


In pursuit of our mission, we have expanded our support for the region by being a vested partner in Water And Healthcare (WAH) Cambodia.


Established in 2009, WAH is focused on enhancing the well-being of women and children within Kampong Chhnang in Cambodia. With a population of half a million, its residents have limited access to basic necessities such as clean water, sanitation and educational opportunities. This has unfortunately led to almost 8% of children dying before their fifth birthday due to sanitation-related causes.

WAH addresses these issues head-on by empowering the residents of Kampong Chhnang with the right tools and education.

Through its Clean Water Bicycle program and collaboration with KK Women's & Children's Hospital and Mount Alvernia Hospital, it has successfully created over 200 access points to clean water and trained over 300 midwives and pediatric specialists. This has a real impact on the community, by reducing the morality rate of mothers in birth by 90% while reducing the cases of diarrhea in school by 70%, ensuring that the welfare of women and children are protected.


As a proud partner of WAH, Ternary supports WAH's continual efforts to empower Kampong Chhnang. Additionally, its support for the Women's Scholarship Program ensures alignment with the core mission of enhancing the well-being of women through equality of opportunity.


To date, a total of 32 women have been provided access to a tertiary education, of which 2 are from the local government orphanage. The access to a tertiary education serves as a great equalizer and empowers these women with the potential to also do well and do good one day and continually improve  Kampong Chhnang.


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