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Growing your Generational Wealth
"A prestigious fellowship of invited families with investment experience, sharing investment ideas and opportunities in a trusted community, headquartered in Singapore."
the ternary mfo fellowship 

The process of joining an established multi-family office might seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Our family office platform helps clear the clutter - providing all services and licenses in a quick, seamless, and cost-effective manner. Ternary's curated team of professionals is ready to work with you to craft bespoke solutions that are in close alignment with your family's values and goals.



Leverage Ternary's extensive network and years of experience to get great access to prestigious and well-performing funds.

A global network of seasoned advisors provides tailored, best-in-class investment advisory solutions. 

No hidden fees in terms of execution costs or transactional costs. Our focus on transparency ensures that everything will be at your discretion.

Since Ternary is a licensed fund management company, we have the expertise to setup and manage VCCs. Families are welcome to set up their own discretionary fund(s) under the Ternary MFO umbrella VCC. 

The relationship between Ternary and MFO VCC is through an investment management agreement and the families will have the flexibility to redomicile their fund(s) out of Ternary should they choose to do so.

This VCC fund structure enables a degree of independence and secrecy, but at the same time, families are welcome to be part of and contribute to an investment ecosystem with other families.

At Ternary, we believe in doing good and doing well. We call this "Force For Good." Our philanthropy efforts have mainly focused on South-East Asia, though we have plans to look further afield.


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