fund solutions

as fund managers ourselves, we are uniquely positioned to facilitate the launching and operations of funds

Our fund solutions offer a one-stop shop for asset managers and individuals who are seeking to gain access to specific investment opportunities via regulated investment vehicles operated on Ternary's proprietary platform.

for portfolio managers:

Ternary's team of experts helps provide a quick and cost-effective way to onboard your fund, saving you the hassle of bothering with ever-changing regulatory requirements and giving you more time to focus on what is most important.

A chinese wall is enforced through strict separation of information flows and a designated ops team.

for institutional investors:

Ternary is able to structure and operate fully-regulated and tax-efficient investment vehicles to grant institutional investors access to specific investment opportunities.

This allows asset managers to make strategic regional or global investments at low cost, whilst enjoying the many benefits of a Singapore-domiciled investment vehicle.

Fund Selection Process

1. Manager Selection

A strong professional track record and commercial viability of a fund is important, but at Ternary, integrity of the portfolio manager is key. We look at and evaluate different dimensions of a portfolio manager, and will only commit into entering a relationship should he fit our criteria.

2. Regulation & Licensing of Portfolio Managers

A portfolio manger needs to be situated within a regulated firm and be registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to engage in regulated activity. When a portfolio manager joins Ternary as a full-time employee in our Singapore office, we conduct the necessary due dilligence, before registering them with the MAS as Registered Representatives. Hence, they will have to meet certain Fit & Proper Criteria as set out by MAS, and possess the proper qualifications. We also work with investment professionals from around the world who might not necessarily be domiciled in Singapore. In such cases, they will function in a investment advisor capacity on our platform and as a result, must be fully licensed in their respective jurisdictions.

3. Fund Establishment

Ternary's existing network with best-in-class service providers ensures that the fund can be brought to market in a quick and efficient manner. However, we understand that a manager might want to engage a service provider that we might not be familiar with, and we are more than happy to support this. The fund typically takes 8 weeks to set up.

4. Post Fund Launch

Once the fund is onboarded onto our Ternary platform, we will take crucial operational, infrastructure and regulatory duties off the hands of our Portfolio Managers - giving them more time to focus on what's important; fund management and capital raising.

5. Exit

Ternary understands that portfolio managers might want to start their own asset management company and spin off their fund sometime in the future. We do not and will not charge any additional fees for this, and will also work closely with the portfolio managers to ensure that this is done in a controlled, transparent, and fully-regulated manner.

VCC Structure

VCC is a new legal entity structure for investment funds, effective in January 2020 and can be used for traditional and alternative fund strategies, both open and closed-ended.

A VCC can be set up as a single stand-alone fund or as an umbrella fund with multiple sub-funds, each holding a portfolio of segregated assets and liabilities.


Improved operational and tax efficiency.

Financial statements are not required to be made public.

Easy to inject or withdraw capital.

Dividends can be distributed via a reduction in NAV.

Ease of setting up new sub-funds under the umbrella VCC.

Since Ternary is a licensed fund management company, we have the expertise to setup and manage VCCs. Families are welcome to set up their own discretionary fund(s) under the Ternary MFO umbrella VCC. 

The relationship between Ternary and MFO VCC is through an investment management agreement and the families will have the flexibility to redomicile their fund(s) out of Ternary should they choose to do so.

This VCC fund structure enables a degree of independence and secrecy, but at the same time, families are welcome to be part of and contribute to an investment ecosystem with other families.

For more information about our Fund Solutions offering, please contact us.