TERNARY macro growth FUND

Investing in Asian Growth Equity
"some projections anticipate that by 2050 the per capita income in asia could rise sixfold in purchasing power parity terms, making 3 billion additional Asians affluent by current standards."
the new silk roads by peter frankopan

The Ternary Macro Growth Fund was established to bridge investors with Asia’s economic growth. The OECD estimates a regional 5% annual GDP growth rate over the life of the fund making Asia one of the fastest-growing regions in the world. 


The fund provides access to Asian Growth Equity by taking minority stakes in profitable small-and-medium-sized enterprises that have a clear vision for expansion and are looking to go public in the immediate future. 


Beyond investing, our investment managers and advisors take an active role in assisting our portfolio companies to expand the market share beyond their home base, and carry out business development to ensure optimum valuation at their IPO. 


Each potential portfolio company is carefully assessed for their desire for growth, business model and business ethics to ensure they are in line with our requirements and provide a profitable exit for our investors.


To further mitigate our investment risk, ternary works closely with all parties involved in the IPO process to safeguard our interests and optimize the exit strategy and timing.


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projections of Asian regional growth by 2040 at a glance
50% of Global GDP

by 2040

300-400 Million

new urban arrivals

1 Billion 

added to labor force by 2040

40% of Global Consumption

by 2040

50% of Global Middle Class

by 2040

50% of International Students

by 2040

Statistics provided by McKinsey and Company. To listen to the full podcast, please click "The Future of Asia"