investment team

edward choi 
jason chan
co founder
head of investments
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yongchuan pan
portfolio manager

Yongchuan spent 12 years with D E Shaw & Co focusing on distressed and asset-backed investments. From 2006-2012, he was based in New York City and was responsible for trading asset-backed securities and related instruments. 

He moved to London in 2012 to develop their European distressed assets business, focusing on peripheral European countries, in particular Spain and Italy. During this time, he was also involved in raising three distressed funds. In 2015, he move to Hong Kong to grow the firm's Greater China distressed business.

Yongchuan graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering.

armaan jehangir (aj)
business development manager

Prior to co-founding 'Ternary Fund Management Pte Ltd', where he manages business development, AJ founded 'Consulting AJ Pte Ltd', where he provided consultation services for corporations specializing in niche areas, identified on a customized basis, spanning across personal & organizational development. He also founded and continues to coach the 'Active Journey' system - a constantly evolving functional and recovery fitness system - that has culminated from his own experience in competitive sports and successful rehab & recovery from numerous injuries of varying magnitudes.

Having spent just under a decade in roles encompassing fund management, food commodity trading, theatre management, technical trading of stocks and cryptocurrency, and fitness, AJ's multi-faceted learnings gained from founding and working with pioneers across a span of industries has groomed in him essential skills that can be applied across a wide array of opportunities, to add value to organizational and personal growth. 

A charismatic and dynamic leader, AJ pursues his passions for the fields of health and wealth, and seeks to maintain his growth mindset with a strong identity of social and environmental responsibility. He adds value to organizations that he associates with, through creative applications of the growing wealth of knowledge and experience that he possesses.